Thursday, July 25, 2013

Happy Anniversary!

In the Blogosphere, we say Happy Blogoversary!

It was seven years ago that Out of My Hat made its first post! This is my 857th post.

Over the past seven years I've had my streaks of writing and not writing. I've posted rants of things that drive me crazy and shared things that I hold dear. I've written things that are funny and things that I find interesting. I've told my readers about me and the things that are important to me and written posts just as an exercise in writing.

The most incredible thing that I've found through writing Out of My Hat, is that I've made a great number of friends in the ever growing blogosphere. Sometimes I mourn a little bit over the blogs that have wandered off the virtual highway and disappeared into the great internet wasteland. I rarely search for random blogs to read as I once did, but do find new blogs by reading through the lists of blogs to which my readers subscribe.

There are only a few professional blogs that I read on a regular basis. Most of them are written by bloggers that are just regular people that have taken a little bit of the electronic world and use it for the purpose of making their voice heard.

Out of My Hat has gone from only a few friends as followers, to many readers from many countries and back to a few friends as followers. Although I check to see if anybody is reading, the truth is that I write to write, write to rant and will write as long as I feel like writing rather than write as long as people feel like reading. I've thought about using advertisements on my post but figured that I'd feel like I had to write to get readers rather than just write for fun.

I think it's funny (in the sad sort of way, not the ha-ha sort of way) that I've lost friends over things I've written because we have become a society that hates people that voice differing opinions. I think it's great that I've made friends over things that I've written--not because we agree on everything, but because we enjoy the differences and embrace the dialogue that helps us to grow in our knowledge of one another.

Some times I'm disappointed that the social networking has seemed to cost me more "friends" that it has gained readers, but then again--we all get to choose what we read, who we like, who we don't like and who we want to hate. Whatever!

Today I could have written about any number of world events. I could have written about on political party's latest scandal or about a great injustice taking place in one corner of the world or another. I could have written something uplifting and inspiring or I could have gone on another rant about something that is ticking me off.

But , no...
Today I choose a little shameless self-indulgence.
Happy Blogoversary, Out of My Hat!

John <><


Amanda said...

Happy Blogoversary!

Kristen Drittsekkdatter said...

Happy Anniversary, John!

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Happy Blogoversary, John. You have a great blog!

Mike said...

Seven years on one social media website is amazing in itself.

Bilbo said...

Congratulations and happy blogoversary! Even though we see some things differently, I always enjoy your commentary and the thoughts you leave on my own blog. One of these days, we've got to get together (maybe even with Mike along) and get the world's problems solved! Best wishes for another seven years, Bilbo.