Monday, October 29, 2012

Personal Progress

I started the Month of October with a renewed will to drop some of the weight that I've put on over the past few years and to (once again!) begin to eat with good health in mind.

I started the month with time exercising on the exercise bike every day, but that only lasted for a week on a daily basis, a second week on an occasional basis and ... yeah, that was pretty much it. I've been using the stairs at work and only used the elevator twice (out of habit). That usually amounts to 500-800 stair steps per day (that's due the 'tower' part of air traffic control tower).

The biggest effort comes in the way of what I'm eating (and not eating). My focus is to really cut out processed foods. I'm eating more fruits and vegetables, less red meat, and trying to stick to whole foods. I'm also reducing my portions and overall intake. For the four weeks ending yesterday, I've lost 11 pounds and can make it to the fifth floor sign-in without being out of breath!

It's time to get back on the idea of regular exercise (in addition to the stairs). Weight loss was better in those weeks when I was exercising and slowed when I stopped. I'm trying not to be unrealistic about expectations and am generally pleased with my progress. With three days left in the month, I'm hoping to push for one more pound to end the month at -12.

Favorite smoothie of the month:

two small apples (whole, core and all!)
a couple of heaping scoops of plain Greek yogurt
a large scoop of all natural peanut butter

John <><


Mike said...

When I tried using the stairs at work I would sweat so much I had to have changes of clothes with me. That gets old quick.

Heather said...

My favorite smoothie is Peanut Butter, Banana and Oatmeal!! Sounds like we have been on similar journeys. I'm so proud of my John too. He has been very dedicated. I've noticed after almost a month on a primarily plant based diet I feel so much better. I have lost 10lbs. and that is without exercise so I can imagine where I would be if I carved out the time. It has been very interesting to me how my taste buds have changed. The few times I have eaten something the "old me" would have enjoyed, it tasted horrible and now when I'm eating something healthy I can just taste all the flavors like never before. Keep up the good work. It is definitely worth it!!

Anonymous said...

my favorite smoothy:

1.5 to 2 frozen bananas
frozen blueberries
frozen strawberries
soy milk
a bit of sugar
sometimes some vanilla or cocoa powder.

Also, I keep agua pina in the fridge--pineapple, water, a little sugar. In the blender.


eViL pOp TaRt said...

Mmmmm....that smoothie sounds delicious!

Best wishes with your program, John!

John said...

I think I'll try freezing the fruit and skipping the ice. That sounds like a good blend of flavors.

I've added oatmeal to some of my smoothies, too.

I tend to use vanilla and cinnamon to offset the unflavored yogurt and have found that adding spinach leaves adds some nutrition without really changing the flavor. It does make it very green and a little gross looking.

I'm generally in shorts and t-shirt so it's not too bad. (co-workers may disagree!)


Kevin said...


I've got lots of experience on indoor cycle trainers. Unless you're of the most hardcore variety those workouts typically result in a loss of interest very soon.

Have you tried walking? I've been doing lots of it the past 9 months and I absolutely love it! But you need to be out there for more than just a mile or two. Spend a couple hours out there at a time if you're able. Get a Garmin and track your progress. See how many miles you can do in a month.

I find my walks to be some of my more enjoyable hours throughout the week. Lots of time to work through whatever may be troubling me or just not really think about anything at all.

Give it a try!