Saturday, October 27, 2012

Out of Sorts

Yeah, that's the way I've been feeling when it comes to blogging--out of sorts.

I haven't even been reading blogs like I used to. I've been keeping up with my favorites, but not much more.

I've started to write several times and decided not to post before completing the article. Although political posts and posts about social issues have been a part of my blogging in the past, I'm really trying not to be divisive here and to keep a few of my evangelical readers from leaving.

I can certainly handle the personal criticism but would prefer not to continue to foster the misunderstanding that seems to come from people that are so focused on their own point of view that they refuse to believe that there may actually be good, sound reasoning behind the differing opinions of others.

Recently, a friend sent a private message asking me about my political stance. I really appreciated that they took the time to ask rather than judge. I've thought about posting my answer here but haven't really decided if I should or if it would matter to those that really haven't cared enough to ask on their own.

If you've been wondering why it's been quiet at Out of My Hat, that's why.

John <><


Mike said...

Perhaps those that would leave will not really "get" the useful things you share.

To only read blogs that 100% match our own line of thinking is to risk having a belief or practice and not knowing why we have it or what it means. I believe some call this "folk theology".

Different perspectives from our own will help us stay in touch with the "real world".

How can we effectively minister to others if our only perspective is our own?

You and I do not agree 100%, but I would not even consider missing your posts. :)

Keep Preachin' Brother!

Anonymous said...

I live in a highly churched community. Big churches are the political power base in my county. And I've mentioned before, my county voted for Barack Obama over John McCain by 335,000 to 38,000--almost 90 percent to 10 percent).

Interesting that in one place Christians overwhelmingly vote for Democrats, and in another place people think that Christians can't vote for Democrats. (Very likely, Maryland will become the first state where voters approve marriage equality. An historically Catholic state where churches are a centerpiece of urban communities).

Keep blogging, brother. You have a great way of delivering a message. And the world needs more people to say things that way you say them.

Duckbutt said...

John, I always enjoy your posts. Stay the course!