Sunday, August 05, 2012

Socialism? Please Explain.

I didn't get any takers on my post asking for some clarification on how the PPACA became a bad thing to the party that originally proposed it. So let me ask a second question--another one that I don't understand but have a pretty good idea of why things are the way they are.

How is Obamacare socialism?

Medical care is not provided for by the government.
Medical care is not paid for by the government.
Medical insurance is not provided for nor paid for by the government.

If you get sick and need medical care, the doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies still set the cost of health care and profit.
If you don't get sick, the insurance companies that have collected your premiums still profit.

Tax dollars aren't used to pay for health care.
The government doesn't make money from health care.

Of course, it's not socialism.
As a matter of fact, for me, very little will change. I'll pay my portion of my employer provided insurance plan. I'll meet my deductible and pay my copay each time I use that insurance plan and they tell me that I've used it for a covered service. If the service is not covered, I'll still have to pay the entire cost myself.

That's not socialism.

Obamacare became socialized medicine when the conservative spin doctors decided that it would take that kind of tag to make it objectionable to otherwise reasonable people. They knew that their faithful followers often accept their rants as the truth and played on the trust their viewers and listeners have placed in them. Shame on them.
And shame on those that continue to trust them after they know that they've been played.

So that's my take.
If there is somebody that can offer a correction to my way of thinking and show me how the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is socialized medicine, I would greatly appreciate it. As I mentioned before--

I am so confused.
Please help.

John <><


Kevin said...

Because limbaugh and hannity both say it is. What more does one need?

Ok...sorry for the sarcasm.

Nice post. Listening to those on the right one can only come away with the conclusion that we can't afford this as a country when quite likely the opposite is true. We can't afford not to do this or at least tack in this direction.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

I think it's the mislabeling,

Anonymous said...

Using terms like "conservative spin doctors" tells me that you have your mind made up. You already mock the very people you are supposedly trying to engage in conversation. You probably wont get too many takers with that tone. Just sayin'. Lil sis

John said...

Lil sis, not sure what other term to use. Calling the PPACA socialist is most definitely to bring about a very negative reaction from the American middle class. How would you describe the people that came up with the idea?

And besides, the point is that the PPACA isn't a socialist program. If you want to oppose it, that's fine. But don't be opposed to it because somebody claims that it's socialist. And recognize that the political opposition is intentionally mislabeling it to get the public to oppose it.

Mike said...

The US is so far from pure socialism it's not even funny. These pin heads that think they are living under socialism should be force to actually do so for a year.