Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Making the Most of a Bad Situation

In a previous post I mentioned that I am faced with some serious car trouble.  I've acquired my son's old '93 Honda Del Sol.  At just under 200,000 miles, I replaced the engine with a used Honda JDM. It's been less than a month and so I'm using the 6-month replacement engine warranty and getting another replacement engine shipped.  Unfortunately, the engine is the only thing covered in the warranty and I'm going to have to pay (again) to have the engine swapped out.

Having to car share with my wife is a bit of a pain.  We're both used to the freedom that having two cars gives us.  I've been working my schedule to be able to carpool with her on the days that she has to work with minimal inconvenience and minimal leave usage. Still...it's an inconvenience.

The replacement engine is on the way and should be here this week. The mechanic has the early part of next week set aside for me.  I'm hoping to be back in the two car swing by midweek.  I also want to take advantage of another opportunity to talk with my mechanic.  He seems like a great guy. Even though he works out of his garage, he carefully guards his family time--no work on weekends and a break to have lunch with his wife and son.  I hope for the opportunity to see if they have a church home or to ask him about his beliefs. It would seem like a waste to squander a second opportunity to talk to him.

I'm getting ready to preach at Charity Baptist this coming weekend.  I still have to figure out the car logistics as Chris generally goes to Hopedale, even when I'm preaching locally.  I might have to drive a crippled car for the day--if I haven't already dropped it off for repair.  We'll see...


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Bilbo said...

Makes you wonder if Job had a car, doesn't it?

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