Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Do the Right Thing

The Sermon on the Mount in Matthew's gospel is worth reading over and over. There is so much good stuff in there that you have to read it many times to glean all of it. I really like the passage from today's reading.

We find Jesus challenging us to rethink how we think about The Law. Even today, we have a tendency to rank sins according to their severity. To God, any sin is an intolerable offense and is enough to keep us from His holy and perfect presence. Murder is on the "big sin" list, but then Jesus reminds us that unrighteous anger has the same spiritual consequences.

Jesus is basically telling us to just do the right thing. Be reconciled to your brother. Settle things with your adversary. Be at peace with others so that you can be at peace with God.

Adultery is another sin that makes the "big" list. Once again, Jesus says that the ill thoughts are as offensive to God as the act is. He instructs us to go to great lengths to guard ourselves against sin.

He addresses divorce and reminds us that God's plan is for a couple to remain married for life.

He tells us to keep our word and to be better than others expect us to be. He instructs us to forgive people; to bless people; to help people.

Unfortunately, we've bought into the whole "I have rights" attitude of the world around us. We're more worried about our rights being infringed on that we are about somebody that we may be hurting, offending or ignoring. Throughout the fifth, sixth and seventh chapters of Matthew, Jesus gives instruction on how to face day to day life.

John's simple summary for today--Just do the right thing!

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Mike said...

"how to face day to day life"

Shoot, that's as easy as falling off a roof.

bandit said...

Good reading as I begin my day.

Lisa said...

"Just do the right thing." I like that. Pretty much says it all.