Sunday, July 01, 2007

2007 1/2

Wow! Can you believe it?! 2007 is half over as we turn the calendar page to July.

The halfway point is as good a place as any to pause long enough to see how we are doing on our goals/dreams/wants for the year.

I got to thinking the other day that it's been almost a year since I started blogging. If you've read that first post, you'll remember that I was supposed to be writing a book. So far, that hasn't happened. The desire to write that particular book hasn't changed so I guess it's time to make time and to get busy writing.

The first half of the year was a busy one with regards to ministry work. I had several revivals, conferences, magic shows, pulpit supply and a church camp. The second half looks to be filling up as well. God has been very good to me. Our local church is working through some growing pains as we look to move forward in God's Kingdom work and reach the community around us.

Even though these posts seldom seem to generate comments, I am encouraged to find that many of you are reading and make personal comments to me from time to time. My wife thinks that blogging is silly and wonders who would read the rants of one like me or any of the others that I check in on frequently. Sometimes I wonder the same thing!

The Bible Study/sermon that I'm working on currently is about two questions that Jesus asked to His closest followers in Matthew 16: Who do people say that I am? and Who do you say that I am? I believe that these are still relevant questions today and questions that we need to answer. I am looking forward to the study and to the opportunity to share the findings with others. My last message on producing fruit was one that I really enjoyed and I'll include the high points in a future post.

The time to head to church approaches so I'll close and post. Check back soon for more ramblings.


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