Thursday, February 01, 2007

Mineral Area Association Conference

WOW! The Mineral Area Association did a fantastic job of hosting their first Evangelism Conference. What a thrill it was to be numbered with some of the finest men and women that are sharing the gospel throughout Missouri. It was certainly an event to excite pastors and churches into getting busy for the work of the King. Kudos to Lawrence Kennon (Pastor at First Baptist Church, Bismark) and Larry Greenfield (Director of Missions) for the assembly of evangelists and the participation of the associational churches.

Bringing the message through the preaching of the Word were Clyde Chiles, Jim McNiel, Harold Mathena, Ron Mills and James Ogan. Musical Evangelists were Diane Edwards, Bud and Barbara Lee, Ron and Haven Howard and James Ogan. They also had some guy doing magic and sharing God's message as best he could. My one disappointment in the conference was not getting to hear Ron Howard preach as our Tuesday morning session went long.

The challenge for me was coming up with five 10 minute spots to use an effect to illustrate a scriptural principle. Normally, a 30-45 minute program has an opening effect (an attention getter), some fun magic (just for entertaining and for building crediblity), and then something to share the Gospel, and finally a closing effect to bring it all together and present the plan of Salvation. Using just a couple of effects at a time and always with a message was somewhat of a stretch. In truth, I just packed a bunch of stuff in the car and then worked out each session as the Spirit moved me. It seemed well received and I hope that God was glorified in all the work from all of the Evangelists.

On Sunday morning, I was at New Life Fellowship in Farmington. I had a great time talking to the youth about making good choices during the Sunday School hour and preached about taking God out of the box during the morning worship time. New Life is a friendly, diverse fellowship in downtown Farmington. Pastor John, the kids in the youth group and everyone there made me feel very welcome.

This weekend begins the Laclede Association Conference at Hillcrest Baptist Church in Lebanon. I'll be at Morgan Baptist on Sunday morning and at Hillcrest on Sunday night.


It's harvest time.
It's harvest time.
The fields are white,
the grain is ripe,
It's harvest time.

The Savior's calling.
The grain is falling.
Oh, bring them in
from the fields of sin.
It's harvest time.

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