Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Getting Busy

Wow! I am excited about all the events that are coming up! If you'll take a look at the Coming Events feature in the right column, you'll see that the spring calendar is filling up rapidly. A note about "Community Day" on May 6--I'm not performing or anything. It's just such a big day for our church that I'm not booking anything over it. If you are available on that evening, please drop by and see us. We'll feed you, have prizes for you and I'm sure that there will be some form of entertainment. There'll be games and inflatables for the kids and I can promise you that you will have a wonderful time.

I'm excited about being asked to work with some of the pastors, and laymen of the Tri-County Association of Southern Baptists. I'm not sure what all it will entail, but being asked to serve by our Director of Missions, Jim Wells, is an honor.

Also, you will want to check out the blog I've added to the Blogs I Frequent. David Stone's "A Stone's Throw" has some good devotionals and some rants and ramblings from a friend/pastor/church planter/all around good guy.

I hope that this post finds all of my readers doing well. As always, if you have a need that I can help you with(or find help for you) or a matter that I can pray about for you--call, write or comment.


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