Thursday, November 23, 2006

Under Reconstruction

I'm sure that many of you have already noticed that there is nothing fancy about this site. You may have correctly guessed that I don't know much about computers or how to design a really cool page. In spite of that, I'm making some changes to Out of My Hat.

I've changed my profile to better describe the direction that I would like to see magic take me. I'll add a block with personal information soon. I've already added Booking Information and a footer at the bottom of the page. (where else would you put a footer?) I've also limited the number of posts that will be displayed to the last six. You can access the others through the archives.

I'm sure that there will be other changes in the near future. Please feel free to comment at any time.



Anonymous said...

I would suggest using the label function blogger beta offers. It allows people to more easily find past posts of interest, especially since you are limiting your page to six entries.

the vanishing blog

John said...

Good idea, thanks.