Thursday, November 16, 2006

Everything in Moderation

It is not my intent for this blog to become a forum for debate over my posts or beliefs and so I have chosen to moderate the comments to my posts. Having said that, neither am I opposed to defending my beliefs/posts or sharing some opposing views.

To the anonymous comment to Politics, Purpose and Passion: "We" refers to those of us that believe in God and believe that He hears our prayers. You can relax, I wasn't talking to you in that instance. As for the question part of your comment--the answer is yes...and no. Yes I do believe that the only moral authority comes from the Bible. However, I also believe that the truths of the Bible can be found in many of the teachings of man. Finding a starting point for discussion would certainly prove to be quite the challenge as our beliefs--I don't believe in a god/I want to live my life for God--are infinitely distanced from each other. I know that you would not change my beliefs and you probably feel the same about your beliefs. If we were to attempt a relationship of any kind, it would have to have common ground outside of spiritual matters. Once a mutual respect for one another is developed, then perhaps it would be safe to venture into areas of known difference. To begin at a point of conflict appears to be a waste of time for both of us.

If you are a blogger, send me your site address. It may be the common ground that I referred to.



Anonymous said...

My blog:

Anonymous said...

Oh, and our common ground would appear to be Magic Utopia - I frequently leave commens there, predominantly haikus, under the nom-de-pixel "the vanishing blog."

And who says I wasn't relaxed? I guess there just isn't an emoticon for "I want to find out your point of view."