Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Family Matters

I had a wonderful weekend! I hope that you did, too.

I was in Indianapolis at Castleton Christian Church on Saturday night for a Pastor's Appreciation Dinner. Sunday morning I got to share with the kids for a few moments and then with the adults. Castleton Christian Church has a great fellowship. If you're on the northeast side of Indy, give them a visit.

The real blessing of the weekend was that Castleton is my sister's church. My brother from Maryland made the trip and my brother from Chicago came with his family. It was a mini family reunion and we had fun visiting and watching the kids--6,5,4,2,2,2,1 1/2. Hannah, my soon to be 15 came along and had a blast with the kids and kept me company on the 16+ hours on the road.

It makes me sad to hear so many stories of siblings that don't get along with each other or parents and grown kids that are at odds. I am so blessed to have a family that has managed to stay close in spite of the many miles that separate us. Mom, Dad, six siblings, five spouses, and 17 grandkids. We don't get together very often, but it is always a great time when we do.

I want to encourage you to reconcile any differences you may have with your family members. There are too many missed blessings because of pride, unforgiveness and misunderstanding. To you, my family, I love you all. You are the best. I hope that you can all make it this summer to the get together.


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Anonymous said...


It was great to be able to see you perform. Great magic, great entertainment, great humor.

I love seeing the siblings and certainly hope that I'll get to see the kids often enough that we'll have a relationship. I'm really glad that I made the trip. I know that your preaching and your magic is a big part of your life, so I was glad to be able to experience that.