Monday, April 01, 2013

Not of This World...

There are passages of scripture that refer to believers (followers of Jesus) as not being of this world. In His prayer (found in John 17), Jesus says that we are not of this world. He prays to the Father to guard us from evil rather than taking us out of this world.

In Romans 12, Paul exhorts us not to be transformed by the world.

I think of these things today because I know how easily we are drawn to the lusts and desires of this world that we live in. I know that we must be diligent in our efforts to keep Jesus first in our lives and to live for Him. Sometimes the things of this world have a way of becoming idols in the life of a believer.
Here are a couple of things that I struggle with:

Baseball. I know, I know. Baseball is not a god. But it can certainly be an idol that is worshiped. I think of the time that I will set aside to watch, listen to and read about baseball in the coming months. When compared to the time I set aside to devote my actions of reading, talking about and listening to the teachings of Jesus, one has to wonder if I have a greater allegiance to the Cardinals or to my Lord.

Food. I'm definitely one of those people that lives to eat rather than eats to live. I love eating good tasting food above food that is good for me. Does it make food an idol? I don't know. Am I a worshiper of good food? Too close to call.

The reality of the situation might be that I am my own idol. That meeting my desires is what is important to me. Satisfying my lusts and desires is what I'm most concerned with.

I don't think that I'm saying that Christians can't be sports fans or a little epicurean in nature. I just know that I struggle with these things and I really want to keep things in perspective.

Just a small part of my daily struggle. Not really a first world problem, more like a not of this world problem.

John <><


Danny Hartwell said...

Good (N) comments. I (A) can say (S) that I do not (C) have a problem with (A) baseball and (R)I am working on food, so I guess I'm OK:)

Mike said...

Food and baseball. Your doomed John, doomed.