Saturday, February 16, 2013

It's Showtime!

Today begins the first of three consecutive weekends with shows. Tonight I'll be at the First Baptist Church of Washburn MO. I'll be doing a program that follows their Valentine dinner. Several years ago, I did a Sunday morning program for this pastor while he served at a different area church. It's always nice to be asked to come back by a pastor/church!

Next weekend is the annual Pulaski County Evangelism Conference. I was unable to attend last year's conference but am thrilled to be invited back for this year's event. The four-day conference begins with a "music-fest" on Saturday night that features the music evangelists. It's a fun night of worship through song led by several different singers/groups. There is a short time set aside for some guy to share a message using magic. On Sunday morning and evening, all of the evangelists will be in various churches around the association. Then there are morning and evening sessions on Monday and Tuesday that provide opportunities for pastors and churches to hear the evangelists preach and the singers sing. It's a nice get together for the evangelists and a chance for pastors to book us for events for the coming year.

The first weekend of March I'll be travelling back to Chicago for an annual All Church Event at Holy Trinity Church. This is the church where my son and daughter in law serve, so I get the added bonus of a visit with them!

We have plans to spend the following weekend in St. Louis to relax with family and friends. If you are with a St. Louis are church and are up for a guest preacher that weekend, there will be two of us available!

Time to start getting things together for tonight's show!
Have a great weekend!

John <><

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