Friday, June 22, 2012

Breaking the Silence

It has been seven weeks since my last post.
I don't have any good reasons for not posting. It's not like I haven't had anything to say. There has been plenty of opportunity to spend the necessary time to write an occasional post. Mostly, I just haven't felt like taking the time.

All-in-all, pretty poor excuses for a guy that perceives himself as a writer (or writer wannabe).

For some of the past few weeks, time has been the issue. I've had a couple of camp gigs, a few Sunday sermons to prepare and a fund raising show for a mission trip. Next week I'll be serving as camp pastor for a youth camp and really don't know if I'll have plenty of time to write or no time at all. I'm trying to get back to some book reading. (side note: I'm contemplating a tablet computer or Kindle Fire.) For now, I'm still pretty content to read an actual book, but there are advantages to a reader, too.

I'm not even going to attempt to catch up on all of the events that have happened over the last two months, that would be too much work. I'll just make the decision to get started again. 

I will say that a part of my not writing has been due to intentionally deciding to keep some of my opinions to myself. While I don't expect for everybody to agree with me on every topic, I also realize that it is not in my best interest to anger half (or more) of my friends that link to my rants from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or those that subscribe to my blog in some other manner. I'm pretty certain that previous rants have cost me opportunities to minister in a number of churches (even though I have never preached anything other than the Gospel of Salvation through Jesus and Jesus alone). I still believe that preaching is preaching and politics is politics. However, not everybody feels the same and some tend to believe that if we can't agree on one thing, we probably can't agree on anything else. 

I'll stop now before I get into trouble again.

I've been blogging for almost six years. I've only posted 17 times in a month four times--never more than that. 
As a personal exercise in writing, I'm going to try to post 18 times in a month during July. I'll apologize in advance for the nonsense that may show up and will make the effort to keep things positive and encouraging.

You've been warned...

I'm back!

John <><

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Kevin said...

Quality over quantity.