Monday, March 14, 2011

A Post about Nothing

As I sit this morning I'm reminded of the Seinfeld episode where they pitch a "show about nothing".  That's what this is--a post about nothing.

Okay, so eventually it has to be about something, but for starters...I've got nothing.  It could be another day without a post at Out of My Hat, (there have been plenty of those lately) but I have been inspired by my friends at the OCACW to write...just write. Of course, I doubt that they meant for me to publish the contents of my brain dump; it's supposed to be an exercise to dig your way out of a writer's block. None-the-less, here it is:

The thing that seems to be at the forefront of my thoughts lately is the movement of the Spirit at my home church of Hopedale.  It reminds me of the tsunami wave that we've heard about in the news lately.  In the open ocean it's barely noticeable; a two foot wave making it's way at an incredible speed. As it nears land fall and the ocean floor rises, so does the crest of the mighty wave. When it finally breaks and makes landfall, the force is of the magnitude that man cannot resist and can only be overpowered by it or race to avoid it.

In many ways, that's what I'm seeing at Hopedale.  To an outsider looking in, the Kids Against Hunger event our kids participated in, the girls serving dinner at the Ronald MacDonald House, the planned mission trip to Nicaragua, the sharing of a passion for helping sick orphans in China--all of these things are things that churches do and should be doing.  The thing is--they are things that WE haven't been doing.

Individuals within our church have been; that's how they've come to be church projects. But as a fellowship of believers, this is the first time that the church is really focusing on the world of people outside of our walls. It's exciting to be here; to be a part of the swelling rush of this great movement.

Although the tsunami from the Japanese earthquake did a lot of damage in Japan, it never amounted to too much as it crossed the Pacific Ocean. Sometimes it's like that.  Sometimes it is devastating; like the Indonesian one of 2004.

In one sense, it doesn't sound right to think of a movement of the Holy Spirit to be devastating. But then again, it will take a great power to break down the strongholds and traditions of men; traditions that stand in the way of the progress and power of God.  Yes, we the church--the institution ordained by Jesus, are often the greatest obstacle in path of His Holy Spirit.  That's changing at Hopedale ... and it's pretty exciting to watch it and to be a part of it!

If you live in the area and don't have a home church, I want to invite you to my church.
If you've felt a longing in your soul for something more out of life, a sense that there is a God that is calling on you; please contact me and let me share my beliefs about God and His great plans for you.
If you are not close to Ozark, MO in the US of A and need to find a church home, contact me and I will do everything that I can to put you in contact with Bible believing Christians where ever you are.

As I look back over the words of a Monday morning rant, I see that it is no longer A Post About Nothing. It has become a post about something that is very important to me and to the many people that have yet to come in contact with the Living God through one of my brothers or sisters from Hopedale.

I'll leave the title the way it stands and take away a lesson learned:  Write, just write.

John <><

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Good stuff, brother!