Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Voting: Your Christian Duty?

I heard that today on a Christian radio network. They said it was your Christian duty to vote.

Really? I thought it was your Christian duty to tell people about Jesus. How is it that so many of our Christian "leaders" have become political pawns instead of voices for Jesus? How is it that they give dollars and air time to candidates for office and push for political reform while allowing their neighborhoods and communities to go to hell because they would rather judge them by their politics than share the love of God with them?

Maybe it's easier to tell somebody how they should vote instead of sharing the "Good News" of salvation. We've become pretty quick to ignore their spiritual conditions and oh so very slow to tell them of our religious beliefs. Is talking politics really so much less offensive than talking religion?

No matter the outcome of the mid-term elections, let's all do our Christian duty tomorrow: Tell somebody about Jesus!

Can I get an "Amen"?



John said...

BTW, here's an interesting article:


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Paul said...

Amen! Count at least one Buddhist who would be much happier if Christians would just stick to telling people about Jesus and doing the kinds of works he encouraged, as opposed to getting into politics and trying to force their beliefs onto everyone else.

Now, let me tell you about the Buddha... :)

Sicilian said...

Great post. Agree dear friend. You can't even imagine the rhetoric down here. It is shameful. The letters to the editor invoke the name of God when speaking about our President. Scriptures are quoted. Full page ads in the newspaper are taken out. It pains me to watch people who proclaim to love the Lord to berate our President.
Let's hope that out of the elections comes a team of people wanting to solve problems. I suspect we will get a new team of people who want to obstruct the President so they get their person elected next go round.

John said...

I would happily listen to you tell me about the Buddha, my blue-eyed Buddhist friend.

I am already grateful for the insight that you've shared with me in the past. As a disciple of his teachings, I'm sure that you would agree that there is also much wisdom to be learned from Jesus.

Along with the easy to accept teachings of Jesus, there are some pretty extraordinary claims. If these are true (and I believe they are), Jesus offers something that no other can offer--eternal life for our souls.

Thanks for reading, Paul.

Sicilian, as always I appreciate your reading and leaving comments.

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