Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Morning Call

It wasn't too long ago that I received a message from my friend Joseph Ransom asking for a letter of recommendation to include with his resume that was being submitted to a church in view of a Pastoral call. What a privilege it was to tell somebody of the high regard that I hold for this man's integrity, character and theological background. Today, Joseph is pastor at the small country church in Shady Grove MO.

Recently, he has been plagued with some health issues that have caused a great deal of pain and discomfort. Knowing that conditions can be day-to-day, I offered to be available for a last minute call to fill in for him if needed. This morning, about 6am, I received that call.

I'll be at Hopedale for Sunday School. I have already agreed to visit with our youth class for a little Q&A time--just a chance for them to ask about some of the things in the Bible that they don't understand or are not sure of what it means for us. Then I'll head on down the road to Shady Grove which is only a short distance away.

Please keep my friend Pastor Joseph and his wife Kaye in your prayers...and as long as you have the ear of God, offer a short prayer for me, too. An old friend of mine used to say, "You should pray for me. I need the prayers...and you need the practice!"

Have a great Sunday.
By the way, God loves you. Jesus died for you.



Claudia said...

You got 'em!

John said...

Thanks, Claudia.

Btw, I received your e-mail. Sorry that I haven't responded. Just a little overwhelmed at times and have more limited time on the computer. Still working on a replacement for my netbook.