Thursday, September 03, 2009

What Do You Do When the Other Side is Reasonable?

I was never a big Ted Kennedy fan. I certainly wasn't a Kennedy hater. I was (an am) pretty neutral when it came to the late Senator Kennedy. I was pretty shocked to hear many of the post death comments that came from people--especially the Catholics that were glad that he is dead and have hopes of him burning in eternal torment. Sen. Kennedy certainly took a different stand than the Catholic Church on some issues. Differing opinions on social/moral issues shouldn't rate the eternal death judgment from others...I think that Judgment stuff still falls under the heading of "Things That Jesus Gets to Do"--at least for those that are of a Christian persuasion. As far as politics are concerned, the Senator was pretty good at reaching across the aisle in efforts to hear the arguments from the other side.

One of the other blogs that I read posted this link to the text of a speech that the Senator gave in 1983 at Liberty University. (yeah, that Liberty University--Jerry Falwell's) You Tube has a clip from that speech. I include it here to entice you to read the text.

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Mike said...

OK I read it. ..... No it WAS good. It made a lot of sense.

bandit said...

I read most of the speech and it was informative in outlining the the different beliefs of our founding fathers. They made it so that all could worship how they wanted according to their own doctrine or interpretation of the scriptures for protestants.

I guess the problem I have with Ted is that he is a proclaimed Catholic and has supported legislations that go against the very core of Catholic teachings.

Claudia, you need to chime in here.