Saturday, December 01, 2007

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I have to admit that I got up today without plans to write anything post-worthy. But after reading this post from former air traffic controller John Carr, I knew that I had to share his post. Before you continue reading--stop and read his post.

You might wonder why anyone would seriously make the offer that he and Jill have made. Or you might be asking, "What makes them qualified to take on more kids?"

I first met John Carr in Tampa during the 1994 NATCA Convention. John typifies what you would expect of an air traffic controller. If you've read any of his previous posts on The Main Bang, you already know that he is passionate about promoting what is right and exposing what is wrong. By and large, air traffic controllers do what ever they do...hard. We work hard and we play hard. We take that passion with us in all aspects of our lives. We are made up of people that party and party hard; and people that don't party. There are fitness freaks that work out hard and over eaters that love to eat...hard. To be sure, we have our lazy ones that don't fit the typical mode, but for the most part we are extreme in the things that we believe in.

You only have to see John, Jill and Team Carr for a short time to know that John is extremely passionate about his family. I would trust him with my family if need be and I know that you could trust him with yours. While it may be unlikely that anybody would actually take them up on this offer, I am absolutely positive that it was not made flippantly.

If you are reading this and find yourself needing help and don't know where to turn, leave a comment and tell me. My comments are moderated and will not appear if you want confidentiality. I'll do everything I can to find you help where you are, hook you up with John or help you myself. Maybe you know somebody that needs a much needed break or something to help relieve some pressure to keep their kids safe...Help them, PLEASE.

We can all do something to help the helpless.

In the weeks ahead, there will be many parents that face depression over not being able to give gifts to their kids. If you can A gift through a charity, an anonymous gift of cash in the mail, a timely meal, an invitation to join your family, a shopping trip. There are so many ways that we can impact the lives of kids, so many ways that we may be able to save the life of a child.

Keep your eyes open; people, little people, are all around us and they need our help.

John and Jill, thanks and God bless you and the little ones.



Kevin said...


I found your blog through your comments left on John's blog.

Your ministry looks like a great way to reach out to those who will hear. Best wishes.

Kevin g

Amanda said...

I had only heard about the Andrea Yates case but didn't know there were so many others. Its so sad reading about it but I guess I am naive to think that this sort of thing didn't happen.

Offering help over the internet is a good idea. I think many people feel so much more comfortable with the anonymity that it offers and will be able to reach out more easily for help.

Serina Hope said...

Great idea. Thanks for this post.