Thursday, May 24, 2007

Writer's block

I guess I'm in a writing slump. I'm not sure if I can't think of anything worth writing about (I can), I just haven't felt like writing (I haven't), or if the whole blogging thing was just a passing fancy that has worn off.

For now, I'm going to say that I've been too busy to put the time into a really good post. I have been busy, but aren't we all. I finished a weekend revival in Otterville, MO. It was a great weekend and several young folks made life changing decisions! Thanks to Pastor Ron and all the members at FBC Otterville for their generosity and hospitality.

At home, we are getting ready for Aaron's Graduation Open House. It is this Sunday afternoon. I'm finally finishing up the floor in the basement (doubles as getting the house ready for listing).
The grass needs to be cut tomorrow and we need to start packing away a bunch of stuff. That will help the house to look more open and spacious. (sounds like I've been watching HGTV, doesn't it?) There is some landscaping work that needs to be done and Hannah and Chris have been painting the trim in the house. I bought eight ceiling fan/light kits on sale yesterday--six will be for the new place and two to replace ones in our current home. We are getting bids to have work done on the new place. The current owner still has a BUNCH of stuff in the building so it's hard to get measurements and decent pics.

I have a children's camp coming up the first week in June and a Bible study on the 13th. The 14th begins the baseball journey.

I put a post on the NATCA BBS to find some good eats around the ballparks we'll be visiting. I got responses from every city! If any of you have suggestions of can't miss eating places near Kaufmann (KC), Wrigley (Chicago), Jacobs (Cleveland), Great American Ballpark (Cinn), US Cellular (also Chicago), or Miller (Milwaulkee), feel free to post it here.

I'll share notes from the Bible study in a later post.


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